CONVERSE by PART Engineering

PART Engineering provides CAE services and develops software tools in the scope of FEA. Our mission is to enable our customers to gain more value from their FE simulations and to make their CAE processes more efficient. With regard to that from our years of experience in CAE we have developed software products, such as CONVERSE to meet the needs of CAE engineers – creating reliable results by using simple and robust applications.

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Enabled Solution: CONVERSE
Category: Composites


CONVERSE is an easy-to-use software that bridges the gap between injection molding simulation and mechanical simulation. It leads to significantly more reliable results with regard to stiffness and strength of short-fiber-reinforced injection molded parts as well as more realistic simulation of the thermo-mechanical behavior of molds and inserts. CONVERSE enables the user to consider anisotropic part properties like for example fiber orientations and residual stresses in a mechanical simulation of the molded part as well as considering process loads like molding pressures, temperatures onto inserts or the mold itself.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Molding simulation solver interfaces to: CADMOULD, MOLDFLOW, SIGMA (SIGMALink), MOLDEX 3D, SIMPOE, 3D TIMON
  • Mechanical simulation solver interfaces to: ABAQUS, ANSYS, OPTISTRUCT, NASTRAN, MARC
  • CFD solver interface to FLUENT
  • Fatigue analyzer interface to FEMFAT and NCODE via XML-Export of fiber orientations
  • Flexible ASCII data import via Converse Data Exchange Interface
  • Mapping of fiber orientations and degrees of orientation
  • Mapping of weld lines
  • Mapping of pressures
  • Mapping of temperatures
  • Mapping of residual stresses
  • Mapping of shrinkage and warpage
  • Automatic mapping of wall thicknesses (for shell elements)
  • Mapping of heat transfer coefficients
  • Mapping between different mesh topologies
  • Graphical evaluation of mapping quality
  • 3D-visualization and manipulation of the imported models and results
  • Calculation of the anisotropic elastic properties (stiffnesses and thermal expansion coefficients) of the composite based on fiber and matrix data
  • Material database of major short-fiber-reinforced plastics grades included
  • Automated generation of all required FE input data
  • Consideration of inserts possible
  • Consolidation of different molding simulations into single structural model (e.g. welded parts)
  • More accurate and reliable FEM simulation of short-fiber-reinforced plastics with regard to part stiffness and strength
  • Consideration of the influence of gate positions onto the mechanical behavior of the part (position of weld lines)
  • Improved mold design for molds with critical thin cores
  • Improved part design for parts with pressure- or temperature-sensitive inserts
  • Easy to use also for occasional users
  • See-through and open data handling


CONVERSE is a useful tool for all kinds of injection molded plastic parts. Typical applications are but not restricted to:
  • Evaluation of stiffness and strength of fiber-reinforced plastics parts
  • Evaluation of thermo-mechanical stresses in inserts or over-molded electronic devices
  • Evaluation of mold deformations and stresses CONVERSE can be used in all branches of industry who have to mold plastics parts and/or evaluate the mechanical properties of the manufactured components.


CONVERSE is a software that bridges the gap between injection molding simulation and mechanical simulation by interfacing with both types of software. It allows for 3D-visualization and manipulation of imported models and results and allows for a variety of mapping including fiber orientation, pressures, temperatures, thickness, and stresses and exports the data in a ready-to-use FEA input file. For short-fiber-reinforced parts it provides an anisotropic material model and delivers all necessary prerequisites in order to consider local fiber orientation in a subsequent FEA. Thus the prediction capability of the mechanical FEA can be improved significantly.


CONVERSE is available for Windows 64-bit machines.