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Software Cradle is a Professional Engineering Group with the best-in-class recognized CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software in the thermo-fluid analysis field in Japan. Since our establishment in 1984, we have worked closely with customers to understand their problems and needs, and reflect them in our technological development.
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Enabled Solution: SC/Tetra
Category: CFD

What is SC/Tetra?

SC/Tetra is a general-purpose thermo-fluid analysis software utilizing pressure based and density based Finite Volume Method and unstructured mesh. Its outstanding operability has been widely recognized since we started sales in 1998. SC/Tetra is an all-in-one package CFD which revolutionizes the image of past commercial CFD software products in "Speed", "accuracy" and "Total cost performance". It is heavily used in automotive, marine, turbomachinery, heavy, power generation related, and plants and facility related industries.

Key Features & Benefits

SC/Tetra offers you an efficient analysis solution with the following features.

Varied data repair functions to retrieve CAD data
SC/Tetra is equipped with many functions to repair the CAD data including wrapping function in case any error or defect exists in the data.

Fast and robust auto-mesh generator
SC/Tetra can quickly create mesh even to a complex geometry. It utilizes easy-to-use GUIs that help intuitively setting up mesh refinement.

Easy setup of analysis conditions by wizard
The Wizard-guided setup enables the ease of use without any confusion, and prevents data input omissions.

High computation speed with low memory consumption
SC/Tetra has achieved low memory usage and high-speed computation by using vertex-centered scheme so that it can handle more than 10 million elements using 2 GB RAM. (It may slightly differ depending on the model shape and analysis conditions).

Cutting edge visualization
In addition to simple and useful visualization functions, SC/Tetra can create impressive presentation materials with realistic visual effects and animation.


Automotive industry
  • Turbo-machinery industry
  • Cabin climate control
  • Radiator ventilation analysis
  • Analysis of engine compartment
  • Flow Analysis of under floor
  • Flow analysis of a painting booth
  • Induction and exhaust system
  • Engine ports
  • Cooling system
  • Aero acoustic noise
  • Brake system
  • Fuel tank sloshing

Turbo-machinery industry
  • Performance evaluation of rotating equipments (fan, pump, turbine)

Construction and civil engineering industry
  • Wind loading effects on buildings and architectures
  • Indoor air conditioning and environmental assessment
  • Temperature distribution in a hot water storage tank

Electrical and electronics industry
  • Heat dissipation analysis of liquid crystal display, lights, and ramps
  • Performance evaluation of air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine.


SC/Tetra Standard Preprocessor*
SC/Tetra Standard Solver*
SC/Tetra HPC Solver (64 CPU-cores or less)**
SC/Tetra Standard Postprocessor
SC/Tetra Manual & Utility
SC/Tetra I/F Option for Abaqus®
*SC/Tetra Standard program allows to run 1 job using up to 2-parallel processing with Preprocessor, Solver and Postprocessor

**SC/Tetra HPC Solver allows to run 1 job using up to 64-parallel processing.


Application name Modules included Platform Supported
SC/Tetra SC/Tetra Pre and Post -Processor

SC/Tetra Solver

SC/Tetra Manual and Utility

Windows (32 bit) on X86
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64

Windows (32 bit) on X86
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64
Linux (64 bit) on X86-64

Windows (32 bit) on X86
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64