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Advanced NovaFlow&Solid CV Training Presentation

Presentation explaining, in detail, how to apply NovaFlow&Solid CV for casting simulation.

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Auralisation and Evaluation of Test and NVH Director Data with Insight+

Learn about how to make the best use of Test and CAE NVH data using Insight+.

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Basic NovaFlow&Solid CV Step by Step Guide

Step by step tutorial to help new users of NovaFlow&Solid CV get started.

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ESAComp Example Cases- Tutorial Guide

ESAComp Example Cases is a tutorial for the use of the software. ESAComp capabilities are demonstrated with the help of case studies. Each case study describes a practical engineering problem and the ESAComp solution for the problem.

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ESAComp Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide demonstrates a variety of functions capable of ESAComp 4.4.

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How to Import Cross Sections from HyperBeam to Crash Cad Calculate

In CCC 2.0 the user will find the new possibility of cross section geometry import from the HyperBeam software.

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How to Multiscale Your Model: From HyperWorks to MultiMech

Tutorial video and model files to demonstrate the integration between MultiMech Suite and HyperWorks

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Insight+ Tutorial: CAE Auditioner

Detailed demonstration of implementing the CAE Auditioner functionality in Insight+.

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Introductory Tutorial for Cross Section Creator

Short video overview on how to use Cross Section Creator from Impact Design.

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JMAG + AcuSolve Tutorial: Coupled Motor Thermal Analysis

Extensive step-by-step guide for employing the coupling between JMAG and AcuSolve.

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Key to Metals' Premium Edition Interface to HyperMesh Tutorial

Video demontration of how to export material property data from Key to Metals' Premium Edition for use in HyperMesh.

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MapleSim to VisSim

Rapid physical modeling, analysis and model deployment to VisSim.

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Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and HyperWorks Connectivity

Description and tutorial about the connection between Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro and HyperWorks.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV HPD Step by Step Guide

Introductory guide for use of NovaFlow&Solid CV HPD.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: Advanced Import

Advanced tutorial demonstrating proper file import.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: Basic Functions

General video guiding users through basic functionality of NovaFlow&Solid.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: HPD

General guide video for using NovaFlow&Solid HPD.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: HPD Cycling

Tutorial video illustrating NovaFlow&Solid HPD Cycling.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: Piston Movement Function

Tutorial video specific to using the piston movement function in NovaFlow&Solid.

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NovaFlow&Solid Foundry Center Demo

Guided tutorial video of the Foundry Center in NovaFlow&Solid.

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Quick User Guide for Dual Mesh Function in NovaFlow&Solid CV

Quick guide to jump start application of the Dual Mesh function in NovaFlow&Solid CV.

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Quick User Guide: Low Pressure Casting with NovaFlow&Solid CV

Quick start guide for simulating low pressure casting with NovaFlow&Solid CV.

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Step by Step Tutorial for NovaStress

Step by step guide for using NovaStress, part of NovaFlow&Solid CV.

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Step by Step Tutorial for Using NovaFlow&Solid with solidThinking Inspire

This document provides an in-depth description of how NovaFlow&Solid can be used alongside Inspire to help users create better parts more efficiently.

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STRENGTH2000® Tutorial

This tutorial contains an excerpt of the STRENGTH2000® User Manual demonstrating the analysis and pre-design of a wing spar.

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Tutorial: *.mfe from HyperMesh to Moldex3D

A tutorial with step-by-step instructions on taking a file from HyperMesh to Moldex3D.

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Tutorial: ESAComp & HyperWorks Interface

Quick start guide to installing and utilizing the new composites post-processing interface between ESAComp and HyperMesh/HyperView.

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Tutorial: GENOA Progressive Failure Analysis With RADIOSS User Material Subroutine

Step-by-step guide for using GENOA's PFA with the RADIOSS UMAT subroutine.

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