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EMSS FEKO Brochure

FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic field solver, widely used in the antenna design, RF component, aerospace, automotive and naval industries. FEKO offers several solution methods in a single tool. The accurate Method of Moments (MoM) has several state-of-the-art extensions for the solution of special problem types. The MLFMM and the asymptotic high frequency techniques (PO, GO and UTD) are very efficient for electrically large problems and allow users to move beyond the computational resource limits of conventional full-wave methods. Several techniques can be used to solve dielectric regions, including the Finite Element Method (FEM) for complex inhomogeneous regions.

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EMSS Press Release: EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd announces the release of FEKO Suite 6.2 (September 2012)

Press release announcing the release of FEKO 6.2, highlights improvements and new features of this verison.

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FEKO Aimfire Presentation Slide Deck

2012 AIMFIRE presentation by CJ Reddy of EMSS USA.

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FEKO Cable Analysis Application Note

Many problems of electromagnetic compatibility and interference involve cables. FEKO presents engineers with tools to solve combined electromagnetic field / cable problems.

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FEKO Customer Showcase

2 minute video introduction to electromagnetic analysis software, FEKO, from EMSS.

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FEKO for the Electronics Industry

Electronics industry presentation featuring FEKO by EMSS.

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FEKO in the Auto Industry 2012

FEKO Automotive Applications
2012 APA Automotive Webinar Series

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FEKO Technical Description and Demo Video

10 minute video about the technical capabilities of FEKO as well as a short demo of the software.

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Low Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis and its Structural and Thermal Effects

Altair customers have access to the world’s leading technologies for electromagnetic applications, which expand to modern electrical and communication systems as well, with FEKO covering the high frequency problems and JMAG from JSOL covering the low frequency domain.

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