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Model analysis of cricket bat

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on the modal analysis of a cricket bat.

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Test, Risk and Cost Reduction Using MCQ and MS-PFA GENOA in a Building Block Approach for Impact and Compression after Impact.

In this webinar, AlphaSTAR Corporation (ASC) demonstrates a validated analysis verified by test for composite structure using its proprietary MCQ & GENOA software. The webinar presents the process by which an end user, in this case the ASC team, would qualify a newly developed resin for a laminated plate.

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1D, 2D, and 3D, Unidirectional, Weave, and Braid Modeling and Reverse Engineering Constituent Properties for Use in Multi Scale Progressive Failure Analysis

Learn how GENOA and MCQ can be used to determine the constituent properties – fiber, matrix, and stress strain curves for unidirectional composites.

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3D Motor Analysis with JMAG

See how JMAG is used to perform 3D motor analysis.

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3D Printing for Innovative Mold Making Combined with Simulation Driven Design Inspiration Push the Limits for High Performance Castings

Altair, Click2Cast, HBM nCode, and voxeljet present a technology demonstration that stands out with dramatic performance improvements and the solid potential for serial manufacturing and mass production. Bringing design optimization, fatigue analysis, casting, and 3D printing together addresses the challenges of lightweight design and enables the creation of an innovative design and manufacturing process that enhances performance and efficiency.

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3-maticSTL & solidThinking INSPIRE Tutorial

Designing with Inspire/3-maticSTL for Additive Manufacturing.

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3-maticSTL Tutorial: Remodeling Topology Optimized Mesh

Detailed tutorial of topology optimization using 3-maticSTL, including visualization, surface manipulations of raw topology data, re-design, and exporting to FEA/CAD.

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3-maticSTL: How Bionic Design Processes and 3D Printing Push the Aerospace Industry into a New Era.

During the webinar, Materialise shows their unique Digital CAD approach for remodeling topologies coming from a topological optimization.

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A hybrid finite element formulation for a beam-plate system

Appropriate damping elements are introduced in the connections between stiff and flexible members in order to capture the presence of the flexible members during the analyses of the stiff ones. The component mode synthesis method is combined with analytical solutions for determining the driving point conductance at joints between stiff and flexible members and for defining the properties of the damping elements which represent the flexible members when analyzing the stiff components. Once the vibration of the stiff members and the amount of power dissipated at the damping elements has been identified, an EFEA analysis is performed in order to determine the amount of vibrational energy in the flexible members.

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A Substructuring Formulation for the Energy Finite Element Analysis

Published for the Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition May 2007

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A vibration analysis of stiffened plates under heavy fluid loading by an energy finite element analysis formulation

An energy finite element analysis (EFEA) formulation for high frequency vibration analysis of stiffened plates under heavy fluid loading is presented. The added mass effect and the radiation damping effect due to the fluid loading are incorporated in the derivation of the EFEA governing differential equations.

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About 3-matic STL: Modules

Outline of 3-matic STL modules for topology optimization and additive manufacturing.

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About Materialise Presentation

PowerPoint presentation outlining what Materialise does and why people use their software.

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About: GENOA & RADIOSS Module

Document outlining the GENOA/RADIOSS integration, including detailed instructions.

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Accurate Simulation of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Automotive Parts

For fiber reinforced automotive parts the consideration of anisotropic material behavior is required to receive reliable results. In the scope of this fact a procedure is described how to consider these effects in terms of process-structure interaction and how to achieve possible benefits such as weight reduction and shorter development cycles. The procedure is outlined with practical applications from company Valeo Ligthing Systems and another industrial partner project that is currently still in progress.

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AcuNexus Datasheet

Short overview of AcuNexus, highlighting benefits and capabilities of the NVH software.

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AcuNexus Installation Guide

Guide to installing AcuNexus.

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Advanced eDesign 2014 with Moldex3D

This webinar will go over the basic fundamentals how to properly utilize Moldex3D and show some of the more advanced features that users may not be aware of.

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Advanced NovaFlow&Solid CV Training Presentation

Presentation explaining, in detail, how to apply NovaFlow&Solid CV for casting simulation.

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Advanced Topics in nCode DesignLife

During this session, attendees will learn best practices for improving computational throughput and identifying critical locations in their design.

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Aerospace Defense Stress Analysis with StressCheck

Over the past 25 years, ESRD has pioneered and developed an advanced FEA numerical simulation technology that is well-suited for detailed stress analysis of complex parts associated with the aerospace defense industry.

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Aerospace Fracture Mechanics using StressCheck

See how Stress Check is used to simulate fracture mechanics within the Aerospace industry.

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AFDEX Installation Guide

Guide for installing AFDEX from MFRC.

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AFDEX Tutorials

Collection of tutorials with demo files to help users learn how to use AFDEX for 2D and 3D automatic multi-stage cold forging, 2D non-isothermal analysis (hot forging), 2D plate forging, 3D automatic multi-stage hot forging and 3D cold forging.

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AlphaCell Flyer

Overview of key features and benefits of using AlphaCell to solve NVH problems.

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AlphaCell for Aerospace: Design, Optimize and Understand Your NVH Treatment

For optimizing the sound packages in project early stages, the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM) as implemented in AlphaCell is a reliable method.

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AlphaCell Tip: Generate Input Impedance Data to Use in OptiStruct

AlphaCell offers several bridges to HyperWorks and APA solutions. In particular, AlphaCell's default output format contains impedance data needed in OptiStruct to model frequency dependent porous absorbers. Learn how to take advantage of this feature in this document.

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Altair NVH Solutions - Americas ATC 2015 Workshop

This Workshop Presentation on NVH was conducted by Jianmin Guan at the Americas ATC on May 5, 2015.

This workshop introduced Altair full frequency and multi-physics solutions for solving the most pressing problems in the NVH field. It provided an overview of Altair’s solutions designed to facilitate the best in class NVH design process at automotive OEMs, coupled with real-time demonstrations of key product features. The focus of the workshop is on effective NVH problem resolution.

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Altair Partner Alliance + HyperWorks for CFD Flyer

Flyer outlining CFD solutions and workflows involving CFD calculations between AcuSolve and numerous APA partner software.

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Altair Partner Alliance FAQ

Answers to many frequently asked questions to help get acquainted with the APA.

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Altair Partner Alliance Offers Flexibility and Enhancements in Development Process at Manufacturer of Interconnect Products

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The company designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. Amphenol was able to use HyperWorks and the APA to access software encompassing the entire development process, all within one platform.

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Altair’s Products and Partners Offering Assist Commercial Vehicles Seat Manufacturer to Enhance its Development Process

Isringhausen applies DesignLife, Moldex3D, and Total Materia alongside RADIOSS, OptiStruct and other HyperWorks tools to optimize weight and durability of their customized seats while still meeting safety standards.

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Altair’s Solutions for Full-Vehicle NVH Analysis

An important factor in improving vehicle quality and perception is guided by how vehicles are designed for noise, vibration and harshness, making NVH an important domain for the automotive industry. Altair and its Alliance Partners offer a complete solution for automotive NVH applications.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will give an overview of problems faced in the automotive industry for NVH analysis and how HyperWorks and Altair’s Partner technologies help address these issues, providing a complete solution that spans from modeling and assembly to analysis, diagnostic and optimization.

Jianmin Guan, Director, Vibration and Acoustics Solutions, Altair
Vijay Ambarisha, Senior Project Engineer, ANSOL
Jerry Manning, President, Cambridge Collaborative
Francois-Xavier Becot, Co-manager, Matelys

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An alternative energy finite element formulation based on incoherent orthogonal waves and its validation for marine structures

An alternate formulation is presented for deriving the governing diferential equations of the energy finite element analysis (EFEA). The formulations for interior acoustic spaces and for thin plates are presented.

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An approach for evaluating power transfer coeffieceints for spot-welded joints in an energy finite elemnt formulation

This paper presents the development, implementation, and validation of a numerical process that evaluates the EFEA power transfer coefficients that correspond to spot-welded joints.

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An energy finite element formulation for high-frequency vibration analysis of externally fluid-loaded cylindrical shells with periodic circumferential stiffeners subjected to axi-symmetric excitation

The hybrid EFEA-PS method is used to analyze the vibration of a fluid-loaded axisymmetric cylindrical shell with periodic circumferential stiffeners.

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An energy finite element optimization process for reducing high-frequency vibration in large-scale structures

The energy finite element analysis (EFEA) offers an attractive alternative to the established statistical energy analysis (SEA) for simulating the vibration of large-scale structures.

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Analysis of wave propgation in a thin compostie cylinder with periodic axial and ring stiffeners using periodic structure theory

Published in the Journal of Sound and Vibration on February 23, 2010.

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AnalySwift Introductory Presentation

Learn basic benefits and applications of SwiftComp Micromechanics from AnalySwift

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Analyzing Results and Other Post-Processing Features in JMAG Designer

Learn about the post-processing capabilities available in JMAG Designer.

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APA + HyperWorks 13.0 Brochure

Introduction to new interfaces between APA and HyperWorks products available in version 13.0.

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APA + HyperWorks for Multiphysics

Overview of multiphysics solutions available via the Altair Partner Alliance.

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APA Brochure

General overview of the Altair Partner Alliance, including short descriptions of each partner product.

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APA Composites Offering Brochure

Document outlining the capabilities, related to composites modeling, offered through the Altair Partner Alliance.

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APA for the Aerospace Industry

Altair’s comprehensive aerospace offering is continuously growing with the addition of Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software, expanding HyperWorks capabilities in composites, durability, electromagnetics and many more. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

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APA for the Automotive Industry

When it comes to automotive, Altair HyperWorks and the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software covers virtually the entire industry, offering numerous software solutions for any major simulation necessary in designing and building a quality vehicle. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

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APA for the Defense Industry

Altair’s comprehensive array of software for the defense sector is continuously growing with the addition of Altair Partner Alliance (APA) tools, expanding HyperWorks capabilities in occupant safety, manufacturing, electromagnetics and many more. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

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APA for the Energy Industry Flyer

Altair offers a number of solutions for the energy industry, which are then complemented by the capabilities provided by our partners through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HWUs with little or no incremental cost under one simple licensing model.

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APA for the Marine Industry

Altair HyperWorks and the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software has numerous available simulation and analysis options that apply to the marine and shipbuilding industry. The APA grants customers access to partner applications using their existing HyperWorks Units with little or no incremental cost, under one simple licensing model.

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APA One Page Flyer

One page flyer providing general overview of the Altair Partner Alliance.

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APA Program Testimonials

Quotes from customers, technology partners, Alliance partners and industry analysts

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Application of a Hybrid Finite Element Formulation for Analyzing the Structure-Borne Noise in a Body-In-White

The hybrid FEA is applied to a Body-In-White (BIW). The results of the hybrid FEA are compared with results from very dense conventional finite element analyses. The correlation demonstrates that the hybrid FEA can be employed for structure-borne vibration and noise analysis during the design stage of a vehicle, and that it offers a coupling between traditional energy based methods and conventional FEA tools used in vehicle design.

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Applications in the Simulation of Truck Dynamics using TruckSim

The objectives of the webinar will be to provide users with an introduction to the TruckSim software with enough detail to help them see potential applications for solving vehicle dynamics problems in their enterprise.

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Auralisation and Evaluation of Test and NVH Director Data with Insight+

Learn about how to make the best use of Test and CAE NVH data using Insight+.

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Basic Intro to FEMFAT - Webinar Slides

Basic introductory slides to durability and fatigue software, FEMFAT.

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Basic NovaFlow&Solid CV Step by Step Guide

Step by step tutorial to help new users of NovaFlow&Solid CV get started.

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Basics of LOGEengine

Introductory tutorial for learning how to apply LOGEengine, with a diesel engine example.

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Basics of LOGEsoft

Introductory tutorial for learning the basics of LOGEsoft.

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Battery Design Innovation: It's All About the Mathematics

The field of energy storage is extremely active with a constant stream of innovations being deployed to address some major design challenges. At the heart of this activity is the commercial drive to increase energy density (energy stored per unit mass), extend battery life and improve overall charge/discharge efficiencies in order to reduce unit costs and enhance product reliability. While great progress has been made in the last decade, certain industries still have a long way to go.

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Best Practices for Fatigue Calculations on FE Models

This was an HTC 2011 presentation given by Erik Ostergaard from HBM nCode. The loading environment, geometry, and material definition are the three primary inputs for a fatigue calculation. This presentation will review how inaccuracies in any of these three can affect fatigue results. It will also cover recommendations for the major options within these inputs and how they can be applied in nCode DesignLife.

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BikeSim Brochure

Overview of BikeSim, for performing Multibody Dynamics Analysis on motorcycles and other motorized bikes.

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Bird strike on an aeroplane underbelly fairing

What is the DIGIMAT advantage for composites?

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Brief Demo of CoDA by Anaglyph

Brief demo of CoDA, which can be used to undertake preliminary analysis of sub-components with Plate, Beam, Joint, Flange or Laminate geometries.

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Brief Demo of LAP by Anaglyph

Brief demo of LAP, which can be used to analyze any type of composite laminate subjected to in-plane loads and moments.

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Brüel & Kjær Case Study: Ferrari

Users were able to trial alternative sound design targets in a free-driving NVH Simulator, refining sound profiles and switching between alternative combinations of real components and CAE designs.

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Brüel & Kjær Whitepaper: Designing the Sound Experience with NVH Simulation

Creating the perfect vehicle sound is a critical challenge that needs to be addressed in order to produce the highest quality product. Insight+ offers many capabilities to help achieve this.

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CADdoctor Brochure

Short document explaining the features and functionalities of CADdoctor, a 3D Geometry Healing and Translation software application.

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CADdoctor Customer Showcase Video

2-minute video introduction to the geometry healing software from Elysium.

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CADdoctor Mid-Surface Generation Use Case

Narrated video showing a CADdoctor use case for creating the optimal mid-surface, which became a reality for Mazda Corporation. (Drag the .swf file to your browser to view)

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CAEfatigue (CFV) Academy

The CFV Academy is an online resource library with over 30 pre-recorded, on-demand videos where users can learn everything they need to know to start using CAEfatigue VIBRATION.

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CAEfatigue Partner Spotlight

Dr. Neil Bishop, Chief Executive Officer at CAEfatigue Limited, discusses Random Response Durability Analysis software, CAEfatigue VIBRATION, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

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CAEfatigue Presentation Addressing Time v. Frequency Domain Analysis for Large Automotive Systems

Presentation covering development and application of time and frequency domain analysis in the automotive industry.

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CAEfatigue SAE Paper

Technical paper discussing advances relating to fatigue calculations for combined random and deterministic loads.

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CAEfatigue Technical Paper for UK NAFEMS

Whitepaper discussing fatigue calculations for multi-input random and deterministic loads in frequency domain.

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CAEfatigue Technical Paper for US NAFEMS

Whitepaper discussing improved methods of frequency domain fatigue calculations for automotive systems.

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CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1 Release Highlights

15 minute overview of CAEfatigue VIBRATION version 2.1 highlights.

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CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1 Release Notes

Release notes covering the additions, fixes and features included in CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1.

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CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1 Short Overview

3 minute video about CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1.

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CAEfatigue VIBRATION Customer Showcase Video

Short introductory video highlighting strengths and benefits of using CAEfatigue VIBRATION.

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CAEfatigue VIBRATION for Aerospace

One page flyer pointing out CAEfatigue VIBRATION's specific features, workflows and examples for the aerospace industry.

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CAEfatigue VIBRATION for Automotive

Overview of CAEfatigue Vibration applications in the automotive industry.

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CarSim 9.0.1 Release Notes

Extensive information about new and improved features and functionalities with the latest version of CarSim.

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CarSim Brochure

Overview of CarSim software for MBD Analysis.

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Case Study Report: SC/Tetra for Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation

Introduction to Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), methodologies and a verification example of the method.

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Casting Simulation for the Automotive Industry using Click2Cast

In this webinar, participants will learn how to use Click2Cast, a quick and easy to use validation tool. It will be shown how simple is to create a simulation to validate a component design or a manufacturing process before the production. The final goal is to show that simulation can be applied also during design stage in a very simple way and giving great results.

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Casting Simulation for the Electronics and Consumer Goods Industry using Click2Cast

In this online webinar, participants will learn how to use Click2Cast, a quick and easy to use validation tool. It will be shown how simple is to create a simulation to validate a component design or a manufacturing process before the production.

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Casting Simulation for the Manufacturing Industry using Click2Cast

See how Click2Cast can be used to allow users to enhance and optimize their manufactured components avoiding typical casting defects.

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CFD Analysis on Electronics Applications Using scSTREAM

Learn about CFD solutions applicable to the electronics industry utilizing scSTREAM.

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Changing Face of Robotics

Robotic technology has improved dramatically in the past decade, and applications are getting more exciting as well. Robots are cool again, and for engineers, designing the new generation of robots is one of the most exciting types of projects. While the prior generations stunned the world by sending men to the moon in the 1960s, this generation will soon make a robot dance better than Michael Jackson using new engineering and scientific techniques that empower and fuel the rapid pace of innovation within the modern robotics community. In the end, what was once the stuff of science fiction seems to be within reach for the engineering community.

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Charge Tutorial - Electrostatic Simulation of a High Voltage Bushing

Fieldscale Charge is very simple to use for any electrostatic simulation. This step-by-step tutorial example shows the electrostatic simulation of a typical high voltage transformer bushing.

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Charge Tutorial - Electrostatic Simulation of a Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Fieldscale Charge is very simple to use for any electrostatic simulation. This step-by-step tutorial example shows the electrostatic simulation of the arc extinguish chamber of a vacuum circuit breaker.

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ChassisSim Case Study: Suspension Geometry Design

This case study describes a method to short circuit the suspension geometry design of a vehicle using the motorsport simulation package ChassisSim.

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ChassisSim Case Study: Tuning a Road Car to Run the Nurburgring in Under 7 Minutes

This study demonstrates how ChassisSim allows users to play out all "what ifs" to help predict what might happen in a given situation during a race. It will also show how ChassisSim can be just as applicable to road cars as it is to race cars.

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ChassisSim Case Study: Tuning Dampers on a Road Car

This case study focuses on applying ChassisSim to tune dampers of a road car - particularly by using the lap time simulation to tune the dampers of a vintage Porsche 911 car and how the shaker rig toolbox was used to tune the dampers on a GT car.

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ChassisSim Customer Showcase Video

2 minute video introduction to ChassisSim for multibody dynamics analysis.

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ChassisSim Datasheet

Brief introduction and overview brochure to MDB Analysis technology, ChassisSim.

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ChassisSim Shaker Rig Toolbox Demo

Short demonstration video showing what the ChassisSim Shaker Rig Toolbox is and how to apply it.

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Chopped Fiber Multi-scale Material Modeling for Automotive Design Using a De-homogenized Approach

The webinar will introduce MCQ Chopped from AlphaSTAR to the APA community. It will provide a description of the theoretical foundation of the software, which will explain how and why the product delivers accurate and reliable result in predicting material properties of chopped fiber laminates.

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Cleveland Golf Drives Product Innovation Through Simulation and Optimization Using HyperWorks

Much more goes into a golf club than simply wood, iron and graphite. To shape the performance, the distinctive appearance, the personalized feel and even the sound of the club striking the ball, manufacturers must precisely engineer every aspect of the design. Today, simulation-driven design has dramatically reduced development time for new golf clubs while allowing them to meet strict regulations more efficiently.

Download the Cleveland Golf Story

Click2Cast & Inspire Use Case

Guide to using Click2Cast with solidThinking Inspire.

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Click2Cast Customer Showcase Video

2 minute video introduction to casting simulation software from Quantech.