11/18/2015 Chemical Kinetics and Internal Combustion Capability Added to Altair Portfolio

11/4/2015 Altair Offers Forging Capabilities with New Addition to Altair Partner Alliance

10/21/2015 Altair Adds Electric Field Simulation to Software Lineup

10/14/2015 Composites Capabilities Expanded at Altair with CEDREM Partnership

10/7/2015 Specialized Strain Gauge Placement Software Added to the Altair Partner Alliance

9/30/2015 Altair Acquires Click2Cast for Casting Simulation

9/23/2015 Altair Adds Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis Capabilities to Software Offering

9/16/2015 Brüel & Kjær Joins Altair Partner Alliance with Noise, Vibration and Harshness Testing Software

9/14/2015 8th European Altair Technology Conference Update

7/21/2015 Jaguar Land Rover, Plaxton, Prodrive and More Showcase Latest Design Advancements Using Altair’s Next Generation CFD Technology

7/7/2015 3D Geometry Healing Technology Added to the Altair Partner Alliance

5/13/2015 Welding Simulation Now Offered Through the Altair Partner Alliance

5/6/2015 Altair Invests in FluiDyna GmbH for GPU-based CFD Technology

4/29/2015 Altair Conference Will Focus on New Simulation Methods to Meet Challenges of Additive Manufacturing, Composites and Lightweighting in Automotive and Aerospace

4/15/2015 Airbus Defence and Space Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

3/26/2015 Automotive, Aerospace and Defense Take Center Stage at the 2015 Americas Altair Technology Conference

3/25/2015 3D Printing for Innovative Mould Making Combined with Simulation Driven Design Inspiration Push the Limits for High Performance Castings

2/26/2015 Altair OptiStruct® Revolutionizes Lattice Structures for 3D Printing

2/17/2015 Altair OptiStruct® Integrates with AVL EXCITE for Powertrain Simulation

2/12/2015 Altair Presents Simulation-Driven Design Methods for Composite Materials and Industry Examples at JEC Europe

1/14/2015 CAEfatigue Limited Brings Unique Vibration-Specific Fatigue Software to the Altair Partner Alliance

11/6/2014 Design for the Freedom of 3D Printing

8/27/2014 Materialise Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

7/28/2014 Altair Expands to South Africa with Office in Stellenbosch

7/10/2014 Altair Concludes Successful 7th European Altair Technology Conference in Munich, Germany

6/24/2014 Altair and EM Software & Systems – S.A. (EMSS) Close Deal

6/4/2014 Materialise to Implement 3-matic STL for Additive Manufacturing in the Altair Partner Alliance

6/3/2014 Altair Introduces New ATCx Conference Series

4/2/2014 Altair Supports Aerospace Innovation with HyperWorks®

3/26/2014 The Altair Partner Alliance Expands Its Comprehensive Composites Modeling Offering Even Further

3/19/2014 Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation Capabilities Expand in Altair Partner Alliance with Addition of ChassisSim

3/12/2014 Altair Partner Alliance Launches First Rendering Tool Which Applies Microsoft Kinect for Product Demonstration

3/5/2014 Sentient Science Adds Product Life Prediction Tool to Altair Partner Alliance

2/26/2014 Altair Partner Alliance Adds Porous Materials to NVH Offering with Addition of AlphaCell to the Program

2/12/2014 CFD Simulation and Design Technology AcuNexus Brings Abstract Modeling to the Altair Partner Alliance

2/11/2014 Altair Presents Simulation-Driven Design Methods for Composite Materials and the Latest Version of HyperWorks® at JEC Europe

12/19/2013 Altair Continues to Gain Competitive Edge with Addition of Electromagnetic Analysis Software from JSOL

12/17/2013 The Altair Partner Alliance Grows by 45 Percent to Exceed 40 Partners in 2013

11/21/2013 Partner Alliance Adds Matereality Software to Help HyperWorks Users Manage and Use Material Data in PLM

10/2/2013 Breakthroughs in Simulation & Optimization for Advanced Design & Engineering Take Center Stage at the 2013 Americas Altair Technology Conference Oct. 1-3

9/12/2013 Project Management Tool Opens Door to Efficiency and Organization for HyperWorks Users Through Altair Partner Alliance

9/3/2013 DCS to Exhibit Its Proven Quality Data Management Software at Quality Expo 2013

7/31/2013 Leading Electromagnetic Analysis Software to Join the Altair Partner Alliance

7/10/2013 2013 Americas Altair Technology Conference Will Feature Global Experts in Simulation Trends for Aviation and Automotive

6/19/2013 Altair Partner Alliance Welcomes SEAM and Deepens its NVH Capabilities

6/12/2013 GENOA, MCQ-Composites to Join Altair Partner Alliance Composites Lineup

5/22/2013 Altair Partner Alliance Adds Lean Design Technology from Munro & Associates

5/8/2013 TES International adds third tool to Altair Partner Alliance library, maximizing efficiency of thermal and fluid flow analysis solution

4/24/2013 Altair Partner Alliance Broadens Impact Analysis Scope with Addition of Crash Cad Calculate

4/10/2013 Key to Metals Expands Material Property Library Exclusively for Altair Partner Alliance Users

3/20/2013 The Altair Partner Alliance Adds Unique Micromechanics Composites Tool from AnalySwift, Furthering the APA’s Composite Solution

3/19/2013 DCS and InspectionXpert Deliver Extended Integration for First Article Inspection Reports

3/13/2013 Dimensional Control Systems at AeroDef® Manufacturing 2013

2/27/2013 Altair Continues to Extend Casting Solution Options, Adding Quantech ATZ to Partner Alliance

1/23/2013 Michigan Engineering Services Increases Value of the HyperWorks Partner Alliance with Addition of High-Frequency NVH Software

1/16/2013 Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance Expands Its Scope with the Addition of NovaCast Systems to Its Software Lineup

12/12/2012 Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance Continues to Grow, Adding Tolerance Analysis from Dimensional Control Systems

11/13/2012 TES International Furthers its Partnership with Altair by Adding Its Other Thermal Analysis Application to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

9/20/2012 Altair is Named Computer Software Company of the Year and Earns a Gold Stevie Award at the 2012 American Business Awards Ceremony

9/18/2012 Altair Expands Composite Offering by Including MultiMech Suite in the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

9/12/2012 Altair Partners with TES International to Further Expand the Thermal Analysis Tool Set Offered in its Partner Alliance Program

6/6/2012 Anaglyph Furthers Relationship With Altair by Adding Its Composite and Laminate Analysis Software to Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance

5/23/2012 HyperWorks Partner Alliance Adds CONVERSE Process Structure Interaction Software to Analyze Fiber-Reinforced Parts

5/16/2012 Altair Introduces HyperWorks Computer-Aided Engineering Suite for Mac OS X

5/15/2012 Altair Kicks Off Global HyperWorks Technology Series With Americas Conference in Detroit

5/10/2012 Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance Extends Its Reach Into Composites Further With ESAComp

4/5/2012 Altair 2012 Americas HyperWorks Technology Conference Will Feature Veteran Astronaut T.K. Mattingly and Highlight Technology Innovation in Aerospace

4/4/2012 Vehicle Dynamics Software CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim Added to Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance

2/13/2012 Altair and Ontonix Offer Complexity Management Solution for Achieving Simple and Robust Design

1/30/2012 Altair Adds Thermal Simulation Technology with New HWPA Partner ThermoAnalytics

1/10/2012 New Partner KEY to METALS Brings Vast Material Properties Expertise to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

12/7/2011 StressCheck, the Newest HyperWorks Partner Alliance Application, Expands Altair’s FEA Capabilities

11/8/2011 Value of the Unit Reaches New Heights as the HWPA Expands its Suite of On-Demand Partner Applications

10/12/2011 Growth Momentum Propels Altair Engineering to Top Level of the World’s Leading CAE Software Companies

6/22/2011 Altair Releases HyperWorks 11.0, Creating the Most Comprehensive Open-Architecture CAE Solution in Engineering

4/12/2011 Altair Engineering Announces the Release of MindManager through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

1/11/2011 Altair Engineering Acquires ACUSIM Software

12/1/2010 Altair Engineering and Mindjet Sign Agreement to Offer MindManager through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

10/13/2010 Richard Childress Racing Selects Altair HyperWorks to Optimize Its NASCAR Sprint Cup Racecars

10/6/2010 Leading Crane Manufacturer TADANO FAUN Group Selects Altair HyperWorks to Enhance Development Processes

9/8/2010 Leading Engineering Analysis Consultancy, Vectayn, Standardizes Virtual Design Processes With HyperWorks Suite

8/4/2010 Software Cradle expands CFD offering through the Altair HyperWorks Partner Alliance, adds STREAM

4/27/2010 Altair adds FTire by cosin scientific software to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

4/22/2010 Altair adds DIGIMAT by e-Xstream engineering to the HyperWorks Partner Alliance

1/27/2010 Altair adds Moldex3D by CoreTech System to its HyperWorks Partner Alliance

12/8/2009 Coustyx by ANSOL now Part of Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance

10/8/2009 Altair announces outstanding adoption of its HyperWorks Partner Alliance after first year of operation

9/29/2009 VMAP by TechPassion now Part of Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance

7/14/2009 Altair Adds Sculptor from Optimal Solutions Software to the HyperWorks Enabled Community

6/17/2009 EADS Defence & Security and Premium Aerotec GmbH Extend use of HyperWorks

6/15/2009 Defense Department High-Performance Computing Centers Extend Their Contract with Altair for a Third Year

5/5/2009 ACUSIM joins Altair HyperWorks Enabled Community

3/12/2009 ThyssenKrupp Tallent Ltd. Adopts Altair’s HyperWorks Enterprise Simulation Solution for Automotive Chassis Design

2/19/2009 HBM-nCode Announces Version 5.1 Release of ICE-flow Analysis Software

1/27/2009 MADYMO by TASS-safe added to Altair’s HyperWorks Enabled Community

12/16/2008 Altair Adds DSHplus from FLUIDON to its HyperWorks Enabled Community

10/21/2008 Altair Adds Leading Industrial Design Software solidThinking to its HyperWorks Enabled Community

5/21/2008 Altair Opens HyperWorks Software Platform to Third-Party Applications