MADYMO Dummy Models by TASS

TASS strives to be a leading company in advanced software solutions to enhance human safety by providing innovative software tools and customer-focused solutions. Building on over 30 years of experience in software development, safety engineering and crash testing, allows us to deliver world-class products and a wide range of services to meet your safety requirements. Our software MADYMO is the worldwide standard for occupant safety analyses and design optimization. Our aim is to make transport systems, including cars, motorcycles, buses, commercial vehicles, mass transport systems and aircraft beyond safe. We want them to be TASS-safe.

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Enabled Solution: MADYMO Dummy Models
Category: Crash and Safety

What is MADYMO Dummy Models?

MADYMO offers the most extensive database of world-class dummy models. This database covers all dummies that are currently used in automotive and aviation regulatory test, automotive consumer (NCAP) tests, and also includes models of dummies that are being considered for upcoming updates of these test procedures. These dummy models are thoroughly validated to ensure that they accurately represent the hardware dummies. MADYMO Dummy Models are famous for their accuracy, computational speed, robustness, user-friendliness, and dedicated support. Customers get detailed insight in the performance of the MADYMO Dummy Models through quality reports. TASS works very closely with customers to further improve the quality of the MADYMO Dummy Models.

Key Features & Benefits

Reliability The well-controlled development process of the MADYMO dummy models guarantees their accuracy and robustness.
  • Accurate modelling of the hardware geometry, in collaboration with hardware manufacturers
  • Validation on component and full-scale level with an extensive range of tests performed within the TASS testing facilities and by our customers
  • Regular model improvements based on continuous development work, MADYMO code improvement, and customer feedback
  • The facet MADYMO dummy models combine the MADYMO rigid body and FE capabilities, resulting in an optimal balance of accuracy, robustness, and computational speed
  • The MADYMO stochastic dummy model provides realistic predictions of the scatter observed in hardware dummies.

Computational speed

Through its rigid-body and finite element techniques, MADYMO provides a range of dummy models that optimally combine efficiency and accuracy. The MADYMO development teams are committed to delivering dummy models that meet our customers’ most stringent demands in accuracy and computation speed.

User friendliness and support

All MADYMO models are explained and illustrated in detail in the model manual, including numerous application examples for standard crash situations. Next to training and workshops, a large team of TASS engineers offers fast and dedicated support in the use of the MADYMO dummy models.

Quality reports

MADYMO is the first in the market to report the quality of its dummy models through quality reports, including Objective Rating.


Madymo is used for the following applications
  • Automotive occupant safety design for frontal impact, side impact, rear impact, pedestrian impact, rollover, Out-of-Position.
  • Aviation occupant safety design
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Design and analysis of sports protective equipment
  • Design and analyses of defense protective devices


Available Modules
  • MADYMO Dummy Models: A comprehensive library of 46 ellipsoid, faceted and FE safety dummy models to be used in automotive and aviation applications
  • MATD: MATD 50th driver and helmet models for Motorcycle safety applications
  • Human Models: A comprehensive library of 14 ellipsoid, faceted and FE human full body and detailed segment models for occupant and pedestrian safety analysis
Modules not currently available through the APA
  • Stand-alone Solver
    • MADYMO/MB solver
    • MADYMO/FE solver
    • MADYMO/Airbag solver
    • MADYMO/Gasflow


Application name Modules included Hardware platforms
Dummy Models
Madymo/Dummy Models
(ellipsoid & facet models
of auto & aero dummies)

(Motorcycle Dummy model)

Madymo/Human Models
(Suite of human full body
& detailed segment models)
Windows(32 bit) on X86
Windows (32 bit) on X86-64
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64
Linux (32 bit) on X86
Linux (32 bit) on X86-64
Linux (64 bit) on X86-64
Linux (64 bit) on Itanium2
HPUX (64 bit) on Itanium2
HPUX (64 bit) on PaRISC
AIX (64 bit) on Power