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TechPassion is an ISO Certified engineering Product Company building the next generation software tools used by product design teams in industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, civil structures. The company was founded by professionals who graduated from Indian Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and had vast industrial experience in companies such as GE. TechPassion is also engaged in the business of engineering services, offering design engineering services for customers who develop new products like automobile components, aerospace components and energy system like wind turbines. From concept development to prototype testing, TechPassion provides end-to-end solutions. TechPassion excels in engineering simulation, product testing, virtual testing, vibration, fatigue, tribology, control systems design, electronics and embedded software.

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Enabled Solution: VMAP
Category: NVH

What is VMAP?

VMAP represents the convergence of virtual prototyping and prototype testing. There are several parameters that cannot be modeled accurately in existing virtual prototyping tools and are dependent on experimental methods. VMAP bridges this gap between virtual prototyping and experimentation in product design cycle especially in the development of automotive, aerospace and energy systems. The system significantly improves productivity of product design teams by not only cutting costs and development time but also intangibles associated with inaccuracies in design.

VMAP is a versatile software platform powered by accurate and efficient algorithms, friendly user-interfaces, rich and fast graphics and supports industry-standard file formats.

VMAP is used in various design stages as a design, diagnosis and manufacturing quality assurance tool. As a platform, it powers applications in several industries. There are customized tools built on VMAP to meet the increasing demand for VMAP in different industries -automotive, aerospace, energy, civil engineering, marine, off-shore structures.

Key Features & Benefits


VMAP allows its users to:

  • Identify failure modes in prototypes quickly
  • Gain confidence in the FEA models
  • Test product durability in prototype stage
  • Reduce product development cycle


Geometry Creation and Import

  • 2D and 3D Geometry Creation
  • Import CAD Models
  • Import Mesh Models

Vibration Measurement

  • ICP sensors compatible
  • Portable and Easy to configure
  • Multi Channel, Simultaneous Measurement

Test Data

  • Stimulus
  • Response
  • FFT – Stimulus
  • FFT – Response
  • FRF Amplitude
  • FRF Phase
  • FRF Real
  • FRF Imaginary
  • Complex Mode Indicator Function

Modal Analysis

  • Hammer Based Modal Analysis
  • Shaker Based Modal Analysis
  • Operation Modal Analysis
  • SISO
  • SIMO

Post Processing - Damping Estimation

  • Circle Fit
  • Rational Fraction Polynomial Fit
  • Least Squares Complex Exponential Fit
  • Non-Linear Least Squares Fit

FE – TEST Correlation

  • Visual Comparison of Mode Shapes
  • Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC)

Model Updating

  • Material Damping
  • Structural Damping
  • Proportional Damping
  • Multi-Mode Damping


  • Test Mode Shapes
  • FE Mode Shapes
  • Operation Deflection Shapes

File Formats Compatibility

  • HyperWorks
  • Polytec
  • UFF

What is NEW in VMAP?

VMAP – Scilab Interface:

Scilab is seamlessly interfaced to customize your favorite algorithms and extract more out of the test results.

VMAP Plug-in to HyperWorks:

VMAP can now be used as a part of the Altair Licensing System. Get access to all the features of VMAP in the HyperWorks software platform.

Model Updating:

Update the finite element simulation model with the damping estimates obtained from VMAP and analyse the updated simulation models.

VMAP – Finite Element Software Support:

VMAP supports a host of finite element packages including HyperMesh. All packages have a seamless interface with VMAP for data exchange and interoperability.

Hardware Support:

By considering the synergies between VMAP and vibration test hardware, TechPassion through its successful Hardware Integration Partner (HIP) program works with hardware manufacturers. We constantly update and provide the latest and most exhaustive list of supported drivers.

Currently we support:

  • DT 9837A from Data Translation
  • VR 8500 from Vibration Research
  • USB 9233 from National Instruments.


By industries:


    • Component testing
    • Subsystem testing


    • Wing testing
    • Gas turbines


    • Blade testing

    Heavy Equipment

    • Chassis model testing

By domains:

    Health monitoring (maintenance department)

    • Machine tool chatter – Self excited vibrations
    • Turbines in power plant

    Defect detection (quality department)

    • Internal defects in components
    • Crack detection in castings

    Validating analytical models (new product development, R&D)

    • Exhaust pipe modal analysis

    Acoustics (new product development, R&D, quality department)

    • Oil pump case study


Application name Hardware platforms
VMAP Windows (32 bit) on X86
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64
VMAP plug-in for HyperMesh Windows (32 bit) on X86
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64