Magna Powertrain’s Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) offers modular software solutions for calculation and simulation in the field of vehicle development and production. FEMFAT allows you to configure development tasks and production processes more efficiently and cost-effectively. It allows you to identify critical areas in the early stages of development and to simulate processes and connections. ECS software solutions are deployed successfully by leading vehicle manufacturers around the globe, providing support in many fields.

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Enabled Solution: FEMFAT
Category: Durability

What is FEMFAT?

FEMFAT offers fatigue life prediction (FLP) of all vehicle components (engine, gearbox, chassis, frames, car bodies and structures) and machinery equipment based on Finite Element Analyses (FEA). Additionally to consideration of complex multi-axial loadings an assessment of welding seams as well as spot welds and self piercing rivets in steel and aluminium can be carried out. Components undergoing thermo-mechanical loadings can be assessed considering effects of material plasticity, elevated temperature (oxidation) and creep.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reliable results on the fatigue life of structures to improve critical points
  • Virtual optimization results in less weight, higher level prototypes which consequently leads to less tests
  • Multiple fatigue influences (notch, mean stress, manufacturing technology,…)
  • Large range of interfaces to finite element codes
  • Material data based on FKM guidelines
  • Analyses results verified by countless tests in own test lab
  • Leading fatigue analysis code in automotive industry
  • Large basis of internal usage-
  • Technical leadership in many areas (e.g. 3D-stresses, joints, production influences)
  • High analysis speed and flexibility
  • Open database concepts (material, joints)
  • Easy handling: minimum of settings and methods required
  • Best verifications and blind benchmark results


FE-based software for fatigue analysis and optimization on components like
  • Engine crank case, cylinder head, crank shaft, and connecting rod
  • Axles and suspension components
  • Body in white, chassis structures with spot joints
  • Transmission housing and transmission components
  • Welded steel and aluminium structures
  • Low weight frames for tractors, trucks, busses, rail transport systems, cranes, etc.


Modules available

FEMFAT basic: FE-based software for predicting the fatigue life/damage and endurance safety factors of components. Includes comprehensive FE-interfaces and material database.

FEMFAT plast: A software module to consider the effects of redistribution of mean stresses when local plastic deformation occurs.

FEMFAT max: A software module for fatigue analysis of MultiAXially loaded components using time histories of loads or series of stress states.

FEMFAT weld: A software module for fatigue analysis of welding seams for steel and aluminum using notch stress method and standards (DIN 15018, EUROCODE 3 and 9, BS 7608, IIW).

FEMFAT spot: A software module for predicting fatigue of spot-joints (welds, rivets) in FE-shell structures.

FEMFAT break: A software module for assessing static safety factors.

FEMFAT strain: A software module for assessing damage from measured strains and comparing stresses from FEA and testing.

FEMFAT visualizer: A fast, 3D post processor to display the FE-model, fatigue results and imported stresses including stress animation.

FEMFAT heat: A software module for the low cycle fatigue analysis of components that suffer from thermo-mechanical fatigue (e.g. cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds)

FEMFAT spectral: A software module to use Power Spectral Densities (PSD) for fatigue analysis in frequency domain for both Basic and Max analysis.

FEMFAT parallel: Take the advantage to use more than only one CPU of your multicore workstation to speed up your analysis.

FEMFAT laminate: A software module for FLP on multilayered infinite fibre materials.

Modules not currently available through the APA

FEMFAT lab: Software for the administration of test rigs, analyzing time histories, identifying anomalies such as drift, mean shift and spikes that can be modified by a user; fatigue controlled mixture of track profiles generating equivalent damage; virtual iteration method in combination with MBS software.


Application name Modules included Hardware platforms
FEMFAT plast
FEMFAT break
FEMFAT strain
FEMFAT visualizer
FEMFAT spectral
FEMFAT parallel
Windows (32 bit) *FLEX ONLY*
Linux (32 bit) on X86
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64
Linux (64 bit) on X86-64
Linux (64 bit) on Itanium2
AIX on Power