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A hybrid finite element formulation for a beam-plate system

Appropriate damping elements are introduced in the connections between stiff and flexible members in order to capture the presence of the flexible members during the analyses of the stiff ones. The component mode synthesis method is combined with analytical solutions for determining the driving point conductance at joints between stiff and flexible members and for defining the properties of the damping elements which represent the flexible members when analyzing the stiff components. Once the vibration of the stiff members and the amount of power dissipated at the damping elements has been identified, an EFEA analysis is performed in order to determine the amount of vibrational energy in the flexible members.

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A Substructuring Formulation for the Energy Finite Element Analysis

Published for the Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition May 2007

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A vibration analysis of stiffened plates under heavy fluid loading by an energy finite element analysis formulation

An energy finite element analysis (EFEA) formulation for high frequency vibration analysis of stiffened plates under heavy fluid loading is presented. The added mass effect and the radiation damping effect due to the fluid loading are incorporated in the derivation of the EFEA governing differential equations.

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Altair Partner Alliance Offers Flexibility and Enhancements in Development Process at Manufacturer of Interconnect Products

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The company designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. Amphenol was able to use HyperWorks and the APA to access software encompassing the entire development process, all within one platform.

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Altair’s Products and Partners Offering Assist Commercial Vehicles Seat Manufacturer to Enhance its Development Process

Isringhausen applies DesignLife, Moldex3D, and Total Materia alongside RADIOSS, OptiStruct and other HyperWorks tools to optimize weight and durability of their customized seats while still meeting safety standards.

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An alternative energy finite element formulation based on incoherent orthogonal waves and its validation for marine structures

An alternate formulation is presented for deriving the governing diferential equations of the energy finite element analysis (EFEA). The formulations for interior acoustic spaces and for thin plates are presented.

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An approach for evaluating power transfer coeffieceints for spot-welded joints in an energy finite elemnt formulation

This paper presents the development, implementation, and validation of a numerical process that evaluates the EFEA power transfer coefficients that correspond to spot-welded joints.

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An energy finite element formulation for high-frequency vibration analysis of externally fluid-loaded cylindrical shells with periodic circumferential stiffeners subjected to axi-symmetric excitation

The hybrid EFEA-PS method is used to analyze the vibration of a fluid-loaded axisymmetric cylindrical shell with periodic circumferential stiffeners.

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An energy finite element optimization process for reducing high-frequency vibration in large-scale structures

The energy finite element analysis (EFEA) offers an attractive alternative to the established statistical energy analysis (SEA) for simulating the vibration of large-scale structures.

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Analysis of wave propgation in a thin compostie cylinder with periodic axial and ring stiffeners using periodic structure theory

Published in the Journal of Sound and Vibration on February 23, 2010.

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Application of a Hybrid Finite Element Formulation for Analyzing the Structure-Borne Noise in a Body-In-White

The hybrid FEA is applied to a Body-In-White (BIW). The results of the hybrid FEA are compared with results from very dense conventional finite element analyses. The correlation demonstrates that the hybrid FEA can be employed for structure-borne vibration and noise analysis during the design stage of a vehicle, and that it offers a coupling between traditional energy based methods and conventional FEA tools used in vehicle design.

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Best Practices for Fatigue Calculations on FE Models

This was an HTC 2011 presentation given by Erik Ostergaard from HBM nCode. The loading environment, geometry, and material definition are the three primary inputs for a fatigue calculation. This presentation will review how inaccuracies in any of these three can affect fatigue results. It will also cover recommendations for the major options within these inputs and how they can be applied in nCode DesignLife.

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Bird strike on an aeroplane underbelly fairing

What is the DIGIMAT advantage for composites?

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Brüel & Kjær Case Study: Ferrari

Users were able to trial alternative sound design targets in a free-driving NVH Simulator, refining sound profiles and switching between alternative combinations of real components and CAE designs.

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Case Study Report: SC/Tetra for Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation

Introduction to Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), methodologies and a verification example of the method.

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Cleveland Golf Drives Product Innovation Through Simulation and Optimization Using HyperWorks

Much more goes into a golf club than simply wood, iron and graphite. To shape the performance, the distinctive appearance, the personalized feel and even the sound of the club striking the ball, manufacturers must precisely engineer every aspect of the design. Today, simulation-driven design has dramatically reduced development time for new golf clubs while allowing them to meet strict regulations more efficiently.

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Composites Affordability Initiative

Air Force Research Laboratory uses StressCheck to assess the structural and economic viability of composites in its aircraft.

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Computational Requirements in Design and Design Certification

White paper on Design Certification co-written by representatives from ESRD, Lockheed Martin, and Washington University

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Dana Holding Corporation Increases Flexibility while Reducing Software Cost

Dana engineers increased their productivity and efficiency by gaining access to the APA suite of applications.

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Development of an energy boundary element formulation for computing high-frequency sound radiation from incoherent intensity boundary conditions

An energy boundary element analysis (EBEA) formulation is presented for calculating sound radiation at high frequency from a radiator with arbitrary shape.

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EMC/EMI Applications

FEKO is well suited for the analysis of a variety of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems.

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Energy Finite Element Analysis Developments for Vibration Analysis of Composite Aircraft Structures

Published by SAE International May 17, 2011.

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Energy Finite Element Analysis for Structural-Acoustic Design of Naval Vehicles

From Journal of Ship Production and Design, Vol. 28, No. 1, February 2012

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Energy Finite Element Analysis of the NASA Aluminum Testbed Cylinder

Results from the new simulation method are compared to experimental data for the vibration response of a periodically circumferentially and axially stiffened cylinder (NASA aluminum testbed cylinder).

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ESAComp Benchmark Case Studies

A variety of benchmark studies on various materials.

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FEA & DTA Development for A-10 Fuselage Longeron Cracking

US Air Force fuselage cracking simulation and analysis with StressCheck

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Hatz Diesel Engines Benefits from Altair Partner Alliance by Covering Development Process with One License

The Motorenfabrik HATZ GmbH & Co. KG is a producer of industrial diesel engines and engine components for the heavy machinery and automotive industries. Hatz found a cost effective solution for acquiring high-end virtual prototyping software by utilizing the HyperWorks suite and tools from the Altair Partner Alliance.

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HBPO GmbH Achieves Flexibility and Cost Efficiency in Automotive Development By Leveraging the APA

HBPO GmbH optimizes their design process by utilizing multiple products, such as Moldex3D, Total Materia and MADYMO, alongside HyperWorks products for the development of their front end modules.

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High-frequency vibration analysis of thin elastic plates under heavy fluid loading by an energy finite element formulation

An energy finite element analysis (EFEA) formulation for computing the high frequency behavior of plate structures in contact with a dense fluid is presented.

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Impact on a stiffener for lower B-pillar

- To move towards greener technology by replacing classical metal design by composite structures
- To use the outstanding performance of composite materials whilst tackling all additional difficulties arising from the injection molding process
- High quality prediction of impact on a short fiber reinforced stiffener beam

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Integrated Molding and Structure Analysis in HyperWorks Platform

This was an HTC 2011 presentation given by Venny Yang from CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd. This presentation highlights how, through integration of Moldex3D and RADIOSS in Hyperworks platform, the important effects from molding process can be transferred to structural analysis for more accurate and realistic predictions of the product behaviors. This integration provides a virtual product development platform for users to increase profits as well as enhance productivity.

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Interior Aircraft Noise Computations due to TBL Excitation using the Energy Finite Element Analysis

The main objective of this paper is to present information about the process of developing EFEA models for two configurations of a business jet, performing analysis for computing the vibration and the interior noise induced from exterior turbulent boundary layer excitation, and discussing the correlation between test data and simulation results.

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M.TEC Success Story

M.TEC Engineering Continues to Benefit and Yield New Business Due to Advantages of the Altair Partner Alliance (APA)

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Mahindra Two Wheelers Success Story

Two-Wheeler Designer-Manufacturer Cuts New Component “Time to Market” and Optimizes Component Design with the Altair Partner Alliance

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Modeling of Stiffened Panels Using the Energy Finite Element Analysis

Stiffened panels are encountered in many engineering systems since the stiffeners comprise the mechanism which provides support and rigidity to the panel's skin. Either a mechanical excitation or an acoustic load can be applied on a stiffened panel creating vibration that is transmitted in all panel components. Mechanical excitation tends to be localized in nature, originating from operating machinery mounted on the panel, while the acoustic excitation tends to be distributed over the entire panel, since it typically originates from an external acoustic source which creates an acoustic field impinging on the entire panel.

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Multimatic Engages Altair Partner Alliance to Boost Business and Extend Analysis of Its Automotive Systems

As challenges to the auto industry became more complex, Multimatic needed to adopt new software tools to offer a broader range of component and system analyses. By accessing the APA suite of software, they were able to expand their capabilities and complete simulation work in a faster and more complete fashion, thus helping customers mitigate risk in their system designs.

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nanoFluidX Overview Presentation

Introductory presentation offering information about the particle-based CFD software from FluiDyna.

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NetShape Gains End-to-End Solution Capabilities by Adopting Altair Partner Alliance Suite

Success story on NetShape India’s usage of the Altair Partner Alliance to scale-up capabilities while cutting software cost.

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NovaFlow & Solid are an Important Part of Quality Control

Herbert Trebes is a part of the die-casting technology supplier Oskar Frech. They have integrated NovaFlow & Solid into their processes to improve the qualityof their products.

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NovaFlow Proves its worth at Artur Monse

German foundry Artur Monse GmbH & Co KG is provides flexible solutions in zinc-die casting for electrical engineering, autmotive, consumer goods, and more. They use the Control Volume Meshing technology by NovaFlow CV to help create their castings.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Improved Production Efficiency at Anadolu

Anadolu Steel Casting is a foundry near Instanbul that specialized solutions for the machinery industry, cement and mining industry, marine industry, and defense industry. Learn how they improved their processes by utilizing NovaCast technology.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Provides a User Friendly Solution to the Danish Company Grundfos.

Grundfos is one of the world's largest pump manufacturers that has been using NovaFlow&Solid since 2000 to help with the simulation of the filling and solidification of casted parts to optimize their design and processes.

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NovaFlow&Solid CV Provides Faster and More Accurate Simulations at La Fonte Ardennaise.

La Fonte Ardennaise is a foundry in northeastern France and is part of a group of foundries that all use NovaCast simulation software. After a one year test period, La Fonte Ardennaise picked NovaFlow&Solid to replace their current solution because of the many benefits it provides over other competitive software.

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Numerical Implementation, Validation, and Marine Applications of an Energy Finite Element Formulation

A published marine application is analzed, and comparison of the reults offers an intial validation of the EFEA.

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StressCheck and HyperStudy Proof of Concept

HyperStudy-StressCheck Proof-of-Concept: Study of an Aircraft Bulkhead Attach Lug Crack

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Structural Analysis Software Tool Transitions Across DoD and the Commercial Marketplace

StressCheck is today widely viewed as the next-generation composite joint strength tool, and is being transitioned to the F-35 and other advanced weapon system and development programs.

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Structure-borne Vehicle Analysis using a Hybrid Finite Element Method

The hybrid FEA method combines the conventional FEA method with the energy FEA (EFEA) for computing the structural vibration in vehicle structures when the excitation is applied on the load bearing stiff structural members.

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The Effects of Residual Tensile Stresses Induced by Cold-Working a Fastener Hole

Cold-working was introduced to the aircraft industry about 35 years ago as a method to enhance fatigue lives of fastener holes. Israel Aerospace Industries used StressCheck to analyse cracks initiated at notched edges near cold-worked fastener holes

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The Problem of Verification with Reference to the Girkmann Problem

This paper is concerned with the problem of verification of the numerical accuracy of computed information with particular reference to a model problem in solid mechanics.

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Validation of a Hybrid Finite Element Formulation for Mid-Frequency Analysis of Vehicle Structures

The hybrid Finite Element Analysis (hybrid FEA) has been developed for performing structure-borne computations in automotive vehicle structures.

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Validation of an EFEA Formulation for Computing the Vibrational Response of Complex Structures

Published for the Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition May 2007

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Van-Rob Expands the Scope of Its Projects, Saves Time and Money, Using Altair Partner Alliance Software in Designing Automotive Assemblies

Van-Rob, a tier-one automotive supplier headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, designs and manufactures metal stampings, modular welded assemblies, structural welded assemblies, and mechanical assemblies. Van-Rob needed upgraded its durability and fatigue technology to satisfy customer demand, but infrequent use made it difficult to justify cost. Altair’s APA licensing model allowed Van-Rob to use nCode DesignLife for durability analysis without needing to spend resources on additional licensing.

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Vehicle Airborne Noise Analysis Using Boundary Element and Finite Element Energy Based Methods

In this paper, the EBEA and EFEA methods are combined for predicting the interior noise levels in a vehicle due to exterior acoustic sources.

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Vehicle NVH Analysis Using EFEA & EBEA Methods

EBEA and EFEA methods are combined for predicting the interior noise levels in a vehicle due to exterior acoustic sources. The EBEA is employed for computing the acoustic field around a vehicle structure due to exterior acoustic noise sources (i.e. tire source, engine source, etc.). The computed exterior acoustic field comprises the excitation for the EFEA analysis. The vehicle structure, the acoustic treatment, and the interior acoustic volumes are represented in the EFEA model. The interior noise level in the vehicle is computed by the EFEA. Predictions of interior noise level (expressed in a noise reduction format) are compared favorably with test results for two separate types of excitation.

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VMAP Case Studies

VMAP Case Studies from TechPassion

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VMAP Picture Gallery

VMAP Picture Gallery from TechPassion

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Whirlpool Optimizes Design Problems and Significantly Cuts Prototyping Time and Cost

Case study on Whirlpool India’s usage of the Altair Partner Alliance

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