MADYMO WorkSpace by TASS

TASS strives to be a leading company in advanced software solutions to enhance human safety by providing innovative software tools and customer-focused solutions. Building on over 30 years of experience in software development, safety engineering and crash testing, allows us to deliver world-class products and a wide range of services to meet your safety requirements. Our software MADYMO is the worldwide standard for occupant safety analyses and design optimization. Our aim is to make transport systems, including cars, motorcycles, buses, commercial vehicles, mass transport systems and aircraft beyond safe. We want them to be TASS-safe.

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Enabled Solution: MADYMO WorkSpace
Category: Crash and Safety

What is MADYMO WorkSpace?

MADYMO WorkSpace contains a suite of pre- and post-processing tools to facilitate the creation of MADYMO models and analysis of the simulation results. These tools reduce the workload of the engineer by providing features like database management, single-click component exchange, automated parameter variations and automated result processing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated XML editor for MADYMO processing
  • Interactive graphical viewer
  • MADYMO model validation
  • Dummy model positioning + seat belt creation & fitting
Coupling Assistant
  • Preprocessor for MADYMO in co-simulation with other FEcodes
  • Fully graphical interface – no need for XML editing
  • Wizard for MADYMO dummy model positioning
  • Wizard for MADYMO seat belt fitting
Exchange + Exchange Assistant
  • Easy MADYMO modeling without MADYMO experience
  • Easy components exchange using model database
  • Automated routines to reduce pre-processing time
  • GUI & Batch Mode Execution
  • MADYMO dedicated post-processor
  • Viewers for movies, kinematics, contour & curve plots
  • Readers for several test & simulation output data formats
  • Visualization of energy dissipation & flow in MADYMO models
  • Presentation and reporting of vehicle safety protocol ratings
  • Rating generation from MADYMO dummy output or user input
  • Many safety protocols (a.o. Euro NCAP, US NCAP, ECE& FMVSS)
  • GUI& batch mode execution
Objective Rating
  • Tool for quantifying & rating signal correlation
  • Multiple rating criteria & weighted rating combination
  • Readers for several test & simulation output data formats
  • Intuitive matrix display + reporting in html & odt formats
  • GUI& batch mode execution


Madymo is used for the following applications
  • Automotive occupant safety design for frontal impact, side impact, rear impact, pedestrian impact, rollover, Out-of-Position.
  • Aviation occupant safety design
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Design and analysis of sports protective equipment
  • Design and analyses of defense protective devices


Available Modules
  • XMADgic/Editor: Dedicated XML editor for MADYMO preprocessing
  • XMADgic/Viewer: Add-on module for model viewing, dummy positioning and belt-fitting (works in combination with MADYMO/XMADgic/Editor)
  • XMADgic/Beltfit*: Module integrated in both XMADgic and CouplingAssistant, which are part of WorkSpace.*
  • Exchange: Graphical tool that enables novice users to create and prepare models for MADYMO simulations
  • Exchange Assistant: Graphical tool to aid the Exchange superuser to customize the user permissions of Exchange projects
  • Coupling Assistant: Module which allows non-MADYMO experts to setup a coupled simulation
  • MADpost: Dedicated post processor to visualize results of MADYMO simulations
  • OBR: The objective rating tool provides the user the means to rate arbitrary signals against each other based on certain criteria as Wifac, Least Square and others. It provides an immediate overview of how signals compare indicated by colors and values
  • PRR: The Protocol Rating tool enables users to calculate scores of different rating protocols (USNCAP, ENCAP, etc) from MADYMO output signals
* Please note that belt fitting only works for seatbelts modeled in MADYMO, not for seatbelts modeled in FE codes. So customers can do the fitting of MADYMO belts onto a dummy model with these WorkSpace modules using HWUs, but if they want to run the resulting model they need a MADYMO solver license from TASS.

Modules not currently available through the APA
  • Stand-alone Solver
    • MADYMO/MB solver
    • MADYMO/FE solver
    • MADYMO/Airbag solver
    • MADYMO/Gasflow


Application name Modules included Hardware platforms
MADYMO WorkpSpace MADYMO/XMADgic/Editor
Windows(32 bit) on X86
Windows (32 bit) on X86-64
Windows (64 bit) on X86-64
Linux (32 bit) on X86
Linux (32 bit) on X86-64
Linux (64 bit) on X86-64