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Ontonix, a privately held company established in 2005, develops award-winning software and offers exclusive high added value services in the field of quantitative complexity management. OntoSpace™, the company's flagship product, is the world's first complexity quantification and management system. The unique approach to complexity and its quantification that is available in OntoSpace™ establishes radically innovative means of crisis-anticipation, Strategic Business and Economic Intelligence, holistic risk rating and risk management. Ontonix also offers a first-of-a-kind on-line service which enables its customers to perform near real-time self-rating, allowing one to measure the resilience and verify the state-of-health of corporations, organizations, asset portfolios, or any kind of business. Ontonix has offices in Europe, South America, South Africa and Asia. In 2007 the company has been featured as Gartner's Cool Vendor. In 2009 Ontonix has spun-off US-based OntoMed - a company dedicated to researching and commercializing its quantitative complexity management technology in the medical field. In 2011 Ontonix has launched an engineering portal, which allows one to measure the complexity and robustness of systems and products.

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Enabled Solution: OntoNet
Category: Optimization

What is OntoNet?

OntoNet is a Complexity and Robustness Quantification desktop tool. It allows engineers to measure the complexity and robustness of components or systems. It processes the results of Monte Carlo Simulations, DOE, optimization or sensitivity analyses to compute the values of system complexity and robustness. It works in conjunction with MAPVIEW and produces a report, containing the Complexity Profile of a system and the corresponding System Map. The goal of OntoNet is to allow engineers to design simpler and robust products.

Key Features & Benefits

  • First SW tool to measure product complexity and robustness
  • Produces quantitative breakdown of product complexity
  • Produces intuitive and interactive System Maps
  • Outputs include an html robustness report and a System Map in binary format
  • System Maps can be navigated using MAPVIEW - a free App
  • Runs as a desktop tool or as a module in a PIDO environment or Data Management system


OntoNet can be applied in any sector of the following industries:
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
Since OntoNet measures the robustness of components, subsystems or even entire systems, it can be used whenever there is concern about liability. In practice, this means that with OntoNet engineers can help manufacturers save money on:
  • Warranty
  • Recalls
  • Law suits
OntoNet also computes the complexity of a component or a system. Because in general the manufacturing and service costs of products are related to product complexity, OntoNet provides engineers with the capability to design, for the first time, simpler products by taking complexity into account as a design attribute.


OntoNet is a desktop engine which processes MS-Excel data. It produces a binary file ("obf" file) which may be processed using MAPVIEW, a free app. MAPVIEW can be downloaded here: www.design4resilience.com/FreeApps

OntoNet can also be incorporated into a multi-run or PIDO (Process Integration Design Optimization) framework and be used in the context of Monte Carlo Simulation,DOE or Optimization. It can also be integrated into a Simulation Data Management system.

All OntoNet modules are available through the APA.


OntoNet runs on MS Windows XP, VISTA, 7, Linux. MAPVIEW runs on MS Windows platforms only.
Please note:
  • Windows 32 and 64 versions are only compatible with Excel 2003 files.
  • Linux versions are only compatible with .csv files.